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Delicious and healthy recipes

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

If you are looking into a healthier dairy alternative to your life you are in the right place. All the recipes are dairy free, gluten free and they can be made Keto by using simple ingredients swaps. The best of everything? The spreads are free of preservatives and free of nasty ingredients, wholesomeness at its best. Get inspired and get cooking đź’–đź’–

Mildly spicy mushroom tortilla. Mexican anyone?
Mildly spicy with grilled brussels sprouts
Stuffed mushroom and thyme/dill spread
Stuffed Pastas with delicate and other flavors
Salad in a bed of exotica spread and seed granola
Spicy is a perfect combination for your tacos
Delicate flavor on a quinoa salad
Spicy flavor on your hamburger is a must!

Delicate flavor with mushroom and onion confit
The spreads are great on a cheese board. Party!!!
After baking your pizza add any spread you want

Roasted carrots, delicate flavor, garlic & sesame

Stuffed pasta with delicate spread and pesto

Cucumber &Tuna boats with Thyme/Dill

Cashew spread and bread...

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