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Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Have you tried cashew spreads yet? They are a delicious creamy replacement for avocado, mayonnaise, cheese and any store bought dressing. And much healthier too! The description bellow is a guide to get the most flavor with the perfect pairings. Enjoy!


Enjoy as a creamy base for your stir fries, rice bowls or on a slice of sourdough bread with smoked salmon. It can also be enjoyed with dried fruits on a slice of bread with a drizzle of honey and micro greens for a sweet/savoury experience. This flavor is an amazing alternative to add creaminess to a dish without overpowering the taste of your main ingredient. Perfect for picky eaters.

Mildly Spicy

Low heat and big flavor! This product also has a slightly smoky profile and it is best paired with any animal protein, grilled or smoked vegetables, kimchi, and on sandwiches as a healthier replacement for mayonnaise and traditional cream cheeses. Use grilled vegetables and spicy greens to enhance the spiciness of the spread. It taste amazing on Mexican inspired foods.


Blended with 7 herbs and garlic this product will deliver unique flavors. Marvelous on its own or enjoyed with chicken, as a salad base (pictured), on toast with avocado and tomatoes, or as a vegetable dip. Children and adults will enjoy this dip with cucumber, celery, pepper and carrot. Did I mention how awesome this is as chip dip?

Thyme and Dill

If it is true that a picture worth a thousand words, that’s it! Enjoy this flavor with fish, seafood, pickles, peppers, grilled artichoke, microgreens, abundant olive oil in a bed of gremolata sauce. I really enjoy this flavor with grilled asparagus and any dark green vegetables.

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