Our Story

My name is Paula, and I am the proud owner of a plant-based line of cashew spreads, Paleo crackers and meal mixes.

My products were originally developed to assist with my daughter's need for dairy-free and gluten-free products but soon became popular amongst friends and family members. After many hours of research, complimentary culinary courses and experimenting, Caju Winds was born and located in the beautiful Prince Edward County.


​In the beginning, Caju Winds' was primarily selling fermented cashew spreads containing organic raw cashews as their base and dried herbs from local farmers. The products are unique, delicious, and can be enjoyed as a replacement for traditional cream cheeses. All of my products are crafted to be healthy, organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, and are 100% vegan. Fast forward 4 years, and many struggles due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my brand saw the need to expand its product line to more easy ways to prepare nutritious meals and provide healthy snacks. Being home with your family every day created many challenges to many of us struggling to find any kind of balance between life, family and work. So, I went on a mission to develop products that are convenient to prepare, healthy, highly nutritious and delicious to all of you.  Who said that convenience doesn't come with delicious taste and high-quality ingredients?


Even with many changes around us, my brand is committed to offering you the best ingredients because I believe you deserve it! Caju Winds is also committed to being environmentally friendly, selling products that can be recycled, like glass jars and paper bags. I also do my best to source Canadian ingredients from small local farmers, where possible, to ensure the best flavour and to support other small local businesses.

Caju Winds is commercialized online and distributed year-round in many shops in Southern Ontario, Canada. My business's goals are to always be able to deliver a product that is fresh, nutritious, local and free of preservatives. Keep checking in for updates on new products, and if you would like to share your ideas and feedback I would be thrilled to hear - as I always try to find new ways to improve.

The short video above contains more details on who I am, my family and the beginning of my story as a business owner. I nurture deep gratitude for being able to restart my life in Canada. To all Canadians out there struggling to find nutritious solutions for daily meals, this business was created with you in mind.


I hope you enjoy Caju Winds' products!

Thank you for choosing us,


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