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My name is Paula, a proud owner of a plant based line of cashew spreads called Caju Winds. I am also excited to announce that Caju Winds chose the beautiful Prince Edward County to be the birth place of its endeavor.


Originally developed to attend my daughter’s needs for dairy free and gluten free products, my spreads had become very popular among friends and family members. After many hours of research, complimentary culinary courses and experimenting my products were born in 2017. 


Caju Winds is a fermented cashew spread line of products that have organic raw cashew as its base pairing with the most delicious dried organic herbs from local farmers. The products are unique and delicious  and they can be enjoyed as a replacement for the traditional cream cheeses. Even better, Caju Winds are healthier, organic,dairy free, gluten free and animal free by being 100% a vegan product. They are also fermented  with a  vegan probiotic that contains 10 different kinds of beneficial bacteria strains. Amazingly good for your health and locally made in Southern Ontario, this business also supports other local small businesses. 


Caju Winds is commercialized and distributed year round in many shops in the province of Ontario, Canada. Produced in small batches, the cashew spreads are crafted in an artisanal way to always be able to deliver a product that is fresh and free of preservatives.  Keep checking in our website on the link “Where to buy” for updates on new shops where the products are available. Next time it can be close to you!

I hope you enjoy Caju Winds' products!


Thank you for choosing us.


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